Message Properties

Message Properties

Note: If you would like to improve Tennu, adding message extensions is easy.

All Messages

  • prefix - The prefix is either a hostmask of the format “nickname!username@hostname”, or the server you are connected to.
  • command - Message command type. For example, ‘privmsg’ or ‘nick’.
  • params - Array of sent parameters.
  • tags - IRC3 tags sent with message.

Messages With Hostmask Prefixes

If the message has a hostmask as a prefix, then the hostmask property will be set to an object with three properties:

  • nickname
  • username
  • hostname

Otherwise, this property will be null.

nickname Property

Most messages have a nickname property.

For messages that have a hostmask as a prefix, the nickname is an alias to message.hostmask.nickname.

channel Property

Messages that happen in a specific channel have a channel property.

The channel is normalized to lower case.

replyname Property

Numerics that are listed on this article have this property. It is the name given to the numeric by These messages are also emitted by the value of their reply name.


  • isQuery - Whether or not the message was sent directly to you, or to a channel.
  • channel - In the case of a query, the channel is the nickname of the user who sent the message.
  • message - The message, stripped of mIRC color codes and trimmed.


  • reason - The user-given reason for the action.


  • kicked - The user who was kicked.
  • kicker - The user who performed the kick.


  • old - The nickname the user was using.
  • new - The nickname the user is now using.


  • replyname - RPL_WHOISREGNICK


  • replyname - RPL_WHOISUSER
  • nickname - Nickname of user
  • username - Username of user
  • hostname - Hostname of user
  • realname - Realname (or gecos) of user
  • hostmask - Hostmask of user

Note: The prefix is the server you are on.


  • replyname - RPL_WHOISSERVER
  • server - Server that the user is on.
  • serverInfo - Arbitrary information about the server.


  • replyname - RPL_WHOISIDLE
  • seconds - Integral number of seconds since user went idle.
  • since - Unix timestamp of last message sent by user


  • replyname - RPL_ENDOFWHOIS


  • replyname - RPL_WHOISCHANNELS

Note: There may eventually be a channels property. For now, you can get them at message.params[2]. They have a format of:

<user power sigil>?<channel type sigil><channel name>


  • replyname - RPL_WHOISLOGGEDIN
  • identifiedas - Services nickname the user is identified to.


  • replyname - RPL_WHOISHOST
  • hostmask - Unparsed hostmask of the user.
  • ip - Unparsed IP of the user.


  • replyname - ERR_NOSUCHNICK